A Life Experience Series -0152 By P.K.Salahuddin , P.K.Muyeenuddin

Remember when your boss first enticed you to work back late night after night, with promises of incomparable rates of pay, impressive incentives and company perks, along with holiday rewards and bonuses? We recall our early days working for a boss that demanded more and more time from them.

“He didn’t tell the whole truth though; did he,” ask P.K.Salahuddin & P.K.Muyeenuddin ? Sure, he made good on the financial promises but you paid an ultimately much higher price, as he owned your life, which included that of your family, your values and most importantly- your freedom! And as for the holiday rewards; like when was he planning to let you take a week off? Yeah…right!”

Is there another, better option that one can hope to find? According to their experience there is. Listen as these two remarkable brothers share their understanding of creating financial freedom through staring your own business as they have run very successful businesses for over thirty years.

P.K.Salahuddin & P.K.Muyeenuddin want to share a secret with you. They are giving you an opportunity to discover first hand how to become financially free by embracing a lifestyle that promises you to completely control your destiny and make your success entirely predictable. You can deliver a right royal kick to your boss and tell him to shove it- because you’re going to work from home in a business of your own choosing!We know that it’s all rather exciting to embark upon a new adventure and they guarantee that wealth begins to flow abundantly into your life as the Universe begins to provide all your needs. It’s so simple and to think that you will be enjoying luxurious trips, vacationing in the best resorts, buying lots of new and exciting toys and wait till your family gets a look at the new home that you’ve just bought. Oh boy, are they going to spin out with exhilaration! We admit they let you get a tad carried away with your dreaming, but hey when they said dream big; these guys meant huge! Ok…a little later on but it is all there waiting on the wings of the wind! You simply need to go after what it is that you want!We advocate that you Ignite passion, excitement and abundance in your life; and We mean in all areas of your life; which includes your relationships, family, spiritual and business. Best of all, the only thing that is really required of you is that you- listen! You don’t need any special skills, experience or magical powers as such. And you are certainly never too young or too old to catch on! All that you need is the desire and the passion to achieve. According to P.K.Salahuddin & P.K.Muyeenuddin the bottom line is this: If you’ve got the inner desire to be successful, that’s all you need to fire up your rocket ship and blast your way through to the things that matter in life… all the way to success. If you keep your eye on your target, head on your shoulders and feet on the floor and really go after your passion; then the rest will take care of itself as you learn to navigate your way around your small business; guaranteed.

“So what business are you going to set up and work in,” ask P.K.Salahuddin & P.K.Muyeenuddin ? A really good question you think to yourself! The best answer to that one is to do what ever it is that you enjoy doing the most. Chances are you can make money from it! Consider how you spend your free time, the type of activities that you like and finally; if you didn’t have to earn an income- is that how would you spend your time? This is the best way to work out the answer to that big question! We know that it works every time!

Life Experience Series Article Courtesy:

P.K.Salahuddin , P.K.Muyeenuddin of SVCGROUP, Silicon Valley Progress Werk Pvt Ltd, Madras, India


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