Key to effective interviews –Part 2

Key to effective interviews –Part 2
A Life Experience Series – 0156
By P.K.Muyeenuddin, P.K.Salahuddin
Interviews! Admittedly they can be daunting, but with P.K.Salahuddin & P.K.Muyeenuddin’s guide; jam packed with loads of useful Job Interview Tips, you’re bound to make a good impression at that “face-to-face” meeting. With their expert knowledge and business experience these two lads have created a wealth of useful information that they are happy to share with you, to help you get ready before the big day arrives. Let’s get to it then-
                And remember that being as prepared as possible is the key to success in the interview game.
Do your Research: It’s very easy to find out all about a prospective employer’s company and/or a position’s key role requirements and they recommend visiting their website and browse through the “About Us,” “Employment,” “Careers,” “Our People,” and “Media” or “News” sections. Most people today have access to the internet, but don’t despair if you can’t get online as if you are going through a recruitment firm the consultant will be more than happy  to assist you with your research. You can also check for information at your local library.
Mr.P.K.Salahuddin & P.K.Muyeenuddin know the value of rehearsing with a friend or family member before the interview. It is a good idea to do this regularly, even if you don’t have an interview; make it a part of your interview honing routine as it will certainly help calm any nerves if you practice, practice and practice again! They insist that this is the best way to be sure that you get your thoughts straight! Rehearse again and again until you feel your answers are flowing. Please try not to blow up at your practice partner should they offer some advice as he /she is only trying to help. Ok?
Use the “behavioural interviewing” technique: Be prepared for the “behavioural interviewing” technique.  They see lots of interviewees stumble when faced with these type of questions or rather statements. Generally the interviewer wants you to provide an actual example from your past experience in regard to work or life. Questions will start with words such as “Tell me about a time when” or “Give me an example of “and they can be tricky if you are not expecting them! Relax knowing that with P.K Salahuddin & P.K.Muyeenuddin’s basic pointers under your belt you won’t be stumped when they ask you, will you? Always turn negatives into positives.
Next on the list according to P.K.Salahuddin & P.K.Muyeenuddin is the pre-interview check. This is when you find out the name and title of each and every person you will be meeting with. Memorise these names as nothing is more impressive and appreciated, well almost nothing!
Feeling good and looking the part: On the morning of the interview it is a good idea to either go for a walk somewhere that you can relax and breathe deeply as this promotes “feel good energy” which they believe you should always welcome in to your life. Hold your head up high, walk tall and most importantly- smile! With all of the positive vigour you will hit the interview feeling absolutely fantastic and ready to dazzle them! And for the record, even P.K.Salahuddin & P.K.Muyeenuddin get butterflies when they have a presentation or interview to get through! It’s normal and healthy, so don’t sweat it!
Now that you’ve got that sorted; they suggest you tackle the wardrobe department as dressing appropriately for an interview is vital. Take extra care with your appearance. You shouldn’t need to buy a new outfit. Pick out your best work attire keeping it simple and business like, ensuring that your clothes are clean and well ironed.
All important first impressions: Be on time for the interview as first impressions always count! P.K.Salahuddin & P.K.Muyeenuddin advise that you never smoke or chew gum at an interview. Another great tip that P.K.Salahuddin & P.K.Muyeenuddin offer is to refrain from accepting a drink like tea or coffee; a water if you really need it to steady your nerves; but only then!
During the interview:  Maintain good eye contact and if there is more than one person at the interview, talk to both or all of them; never interrupt anyone and keep your answers brief but informative. They implore you never to say anything negative about a past employer. Have some questions that you can ask the employer such as who you will be reporting to, questions about the team you would be joining, career path options, projects you could be working on and such.  Do not ask about salary at this stage as it is best to wait until another time such as at the second interview when you hold the bargaining power! P.K.Salahuddin & P.K.Muyeenuddin have a great deal of information regarding this topic which they are happy to share further with you.
Life Experience Series Article Courtesy:

P.K.Muyeenuddin, P.K.Salahuddin of SVCGROUP, Silicon Valley Progress Werk Pvt Ltd, Madras, India


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