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Key to effective interviews !

May 17, 2002

A Life Experience Series – 0151

By P.K.Muyeenuddin, P.K.Salahuddin

We are thrilled that your fabulous CV and resume certainly dazzled the company, outshining all of the other applicants; so now they suggest you go for gold and actually land that job. Just as preparation is the key to interviewing successfully We know that the lock that houses the key is just as important. To ensure that the key turns effortlessly, We propose that a winning combination is a winning positive attitude and thorough preparation. Now it’s time to get in to shape as you prepare yourself to land that new job- P.K.Muyeenuddin & P.K.Salahuddin style!

Dress for success: We know that in order to make a good impression it is vital to dress appropriately for the role of an interview. This means that your clothes must be clean, tidy and that you appear business like. Quite simple really, attire that suits the industry usually works best with no loud colours or anything too revealing. Never chew gum or smoke at an interview!

Arrive on time: Arriving to the interview on time or early is the only way to begin an interview according to Mr. P.K.Muyeenuddin & P.K.Salahuddin. Allow yourself plenty of time to make the journey. It is far better to spend a few minutes waiting, than being late. If for some reason you are late; remain calm, briefly explain and offer your apologies.

A positive attitude: No slouching, looking down and try not to fiddle! We are strong advocates of creating and releasing a positive energy by sitting up straight, meeting the interviewer’s glance and smiling, but without over doing it! No giggling and do be aware of your body language as this conveys so much about you to the interviewer.Always turn negatives into positives. We suggest that it is best to acknowledge any poor work history briefly, and then quickly turn it around by explaining what you have learned and how you have grown from it. Then we say to leave it at that!

Listen and listen well: It is important that truly listen and comprehend all that the interviewer is asking and discussing with you. If you are uncertain about some thing ask for clarification. Done correctly this shows initiative. Stay on track with your answers. Do not under any circumstances bombard the interview with irrelevant questions or issues as this will make you look incompetent and foolish. We guarantee that nothing is more annoying!

Shine- it’s your interview: We remind you to speak clearly, honestly and confidently during the interview as you already know and believe that you can do the job effectively. Be proud of your skills, experience and what you can bring to the company and position. Be professional but still allow your own unique personality shine.

Research- Your new best friend: Come to the job interview fully prepared. It’s to your advantage to carefully research the position and the company before the interview time, as successful businessmen P.K.Muyeenuddin & P.K.Salahuddin recommend so that you will be familiar with company mission statements, goals and policies. It’s simply a matter of going to the company’s website for the information.

Practice makes perfect: Practice your interviewing skills with a friend, family member or even in front of a mirror. Practice makes perfect- or at least calms the nerves and makes it easier. We suggest that if in doubt on the day; keep your answers brief, to the point and succinct. Take a good look around you- everyone, everyday is having an interview of some kind. Be it a formal interview such as applying for that fabulous new position; or a casual exchange of information between two friends discussing which movie to go and see. Truth is… it’s all one and the same! Not so scary when you look at it that way, is it?

With over 30 years of successful business experience behind them; P.K.Muyeenuddin & P.K.Salahuddin are proof that to shine like a gem, secure and take hold of that great job of your wildest dreams- preparation is the most priceless key!

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P.K.Muyeenuddin, P.K.Salahuddin of SVCGROUP, Silicon Valley Progress Werk Pvt Ltd , Madras, India